1. The Club shall be known as Yarnton & District Angling Club

2. The Committee shall have the power to refuse membership, or expel any

    Member detrimental to the club


3. All Members must hold a current Rod License

4. Permits must be carried at all times on Club waters.

5. Any member using the YDAC website agrees to the terms and conditions set on the site.

6. Permits are Valid from the day after the AGM of that particular year, up to and including the day of the next AGM.

7. A person is entitled to buy a permit at senior citizen's price if over 65 years of age before the 16th June of the first calendar         year for which the permit is valid.




1. It is the duty of all members to order away anyone fishing in the Club's waters without permission.


2. All members are asked to respect property; i.e. Not to damage crops, land, gates, fences and not to keep cattle away from water if they are making for a water drink; also not to leave litter or discarded lines on the river banks, and to shut gates.


3. Cars, bicycles and tents are not allowed on river banks, or the lighting of fires.


4. Any member having a complaint MUST SUBMIT IT IN WRITING TO THE SECRETARY.


5. All members must carry their permits and be prepared to show them when required.


6. Members angling in Club waters do so at their own risk.


7. Members cannot use Club waters when contests are in progress, or on the day before a contest.


8. Juniors must be 13 years of age or over to score points in senior matches, but they may fish on senior matches for points in their own cup, although seniors have preference on senior matches.


9. In any contest the Match organizer's decision is final.


10. All juniors under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.


11. Use of electric and / or sonar fishfinding equipment is not allowed for use on a match venue on the day of the match until after the match has finished


12. Maximum amount of bait to be used on a match: 5kg of dry groundbait, 5kg of feeder pellett


13. No surface fished baits, and no artificial baits. (eg., rubber sweetcorn etc.,)


14. No Juniors allowed to night fish.


15. To qualify as a junior member, persons must be under the age of 16 years on the day the new Permit Year starts.


16. The committee have the discretion to specify some lake matches as having a fishing duration of 6 hours.


17. Tackling up time for rivers is 1hour 15minutes, and 1 hr on lakes and canals


18. On Lakes, two nets are required, details announced at start of match.




All members MUST pre-book for matches at the earliest on the match before the one in question with the Match Secretary.
If you dont pre-book, we cant guarantee you a place, and may have to turn you away.
If you pre-book and dont turn up, the peg fee must still be paid.
(Refunds at the committee's discretion)

Two nets required for Roach Cup, One for Roach, one for any other species.

Two nets required on all lakes  (Details on the day)

River fishing is June 16th – March 14th inclusive, you may NOT fish on rivers any other dates.






All matches are part of the Aggregate Points Trophy series, where each angler can count his/her best scores from 1 fewer than the number of matches scheduled in the Summer league, and 1 in the Winter league. Eg., if there are 10 matches in the Summer League, you count your best 9 scores.


All matches count towards the Aggregate Cup, awarded to the angler who has the highest total weight aggregated from all the matches he/she fishes in each league.


Pike, Zander, Grayling and any Game fish do not count in Club Match's.


The Junior Cup, donated by Mr. Greg Hatwell, is awarded to the junior with the most points.


ENQUIRIES about matches should be made to the Match Secretary or Secretary.




Trophies are awarded to the winners of the Tony Beckett Memorial Cup, Pairs Cup, Roach Cup, D Hill Trophy, Les Cox Carp Cup, Ron Cox Memorial Cup, Specimen Trophy, Junior Cup and the winners and runners up in the Aggregate points and Aggregate weight contest.

Specimen fish caught in matches may be weighed individually and entered for the Specimen Trophy (awarded by the committee to the captor of the most noteworthy specimen fish, other than Carp).

The Les Cox Carp Cup, generously donated by the late Mr. Les Cox, will be awarded to the heaviest Carp caught during qualifying matches at lakes.



Entry fee's for all matches is £20

Made up of:

Peg Fee; £10

Optional Pools;  £9

Optional Golden Peg; £1






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